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3-ON is a Russian manufacturer of trimmer cord and hand tools
ADA Instruments is a trademark of measuring, diagnostic and other equipment for construction, surveying, utility, non-destructive testing and diagnostics.
Company «Bohrer» is an importer of a broad and balanced product portfolio fasteners, hand tools and accessories for power tools in China, Taiwan and Europe in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. «Bohrer» Company is one of the largest suppliers in Central Russia and is a reliable partner for foreign manufacturers.
“DrelDoDyr” is the electric-tools and small-scale mechanization instruments oriented magazine. In every issue one can find new products reviews, expert recommendations and opinions for best choice of electric-tools and other equipment, testing of new equipment and interesting workshops.
CRI LLC is an official representative of CMT, CERATIZIT, KREG, EHOMA, Saidtools, INCRA in Russia. The main market field is wholesales of high precision cutting tools for furniture-, window- and door manufacturing, for cutting of natural wood and plate materials, tools and accessories for DIY.
The Dantherm Group is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions. The group companies have more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient equipment for heating, cooling, drying and ventilation for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications. Every year Dantherm Group uses significant resources on product development to stay in the forefront and is constantly adapting the products to changing market demands and legislation
Real power!
Denzel is a reliable and functional power equipment that fully conforms with the requirements of the modern market. The booth presents the entire assortment of the 2018-2019 model range: construction, garden and garage equipment. Our trademark is highly recommended by DIY-masters and professional builders, car enthusiasts and car service specialists, owners of private household, gardeners and farmers. From April 1, 2017, a three-year extended warranty is provided for Denzel products
Import, wholesale and retail sale of accessories for power tools and hand tools from Europe
A leading information agency for 15 years, an expert in the field of display and contextual advertising for representatives of electrotechnical industry - IA «Elec.ru» provides professional and effective advertising campaigns created due to synergy of essential content, a proper use of search engines’ possibilities, social networks and a friendly team of professionals.
Electrical Technology market, magazine&hand-book
Industry trade magazine provides topical information about electrotechnical industry, articles, market reviews and directory of the companies of electrotechnical market. The biggest circulation in industry. Paper size: А4. Capacity: 200 pages. Color grade: Full color. Periodicity: trimestrial. Circulation: 20 000 copies
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Sale of electro-benzo tool wholesale and retail
MAgazine about Prfessionals and for Professionals
International information and technology Magazine Equipment and Tools for Professionals has been published since 2000 and is over 100 A4 format colour pages in volume. The circulation figurers are 10,000 copies and always on our website. Metalworking series - 6 Issues a year. Distribution of Magazine: 3,000 - subscription (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus); 4,000 - presentations at specialised exhibitions, conferences and workshops; 3,000 - direct mailing (advertising and on request, using database of our editorial staff)
Edition exists since 2002, contains information on modern products and assembly technologies, news. Our mission: providing traders, users with tec information + promoting foreign companies based on high-quality products and advanced technology into the Russian market. PDF-copies at www.fastinfo.ru
Wholesale trade of hand tools
ForumHouse is the most popular website about construction and repair in Russia. Each month more than 3 million people visit it. Here you can get answers from gardeners and professional construction workers on the topics of the section "Home and country cottage": from construction of country houses to yard landscaping. ForumHouse heads the ratings TOP100 Rambler, Mail.RU, LiveInternet in category "Construction and repair"
The official representative of the brand Telwin in Russia.
Бренды компании: TEKENOW - фонари аккумуляторные , рабочий свет EGOLIGHT - авто свет OSNOVALED - диодный авто свет , коммерческий свет EGOTOUCH - беспроводные зарядки для автомобилей
"Industrial Bulletin" – monthly business information-advertizing magazine about industrial sector of the economy. Published since 1996.
TM Calibre known in the market for power tools, household appliances and industrial equipment for various purposes since 2001. Working with our company, You will be able to effectively solve the problem of technical equipment of their production units, enterprises operating in the service sector, as well as country houses and even a city apartment. Brand the Caliber that we present on the Russian market, is a quality and reliable tool, and functional equipment designed to solve tasks of different nature
The company KanzTrend - exclusive distributor in Russia of markers for industrial use of the Japanese manufacturer MARVY UCHIDA. The markers have a long service life, resistant to thermal stress and adverse environmental influences - moisture, acid, cold. All markers meet the highest security standards, have an unlimited shelf life due to the use of multiple degrees of protection when packing. Used on production - in construction, Metalworking, Assembly of metal structures, electrical work, welding, furniture restoration and in the home
KNOW-HOUSE.RU is a leading Internet-portal on Construction subjects. It contains the whole necessary general information on modern building products and technologies. It also contains catalogues and technical information from leading manufacturers and distributors. All this information is completed by existing norms, the time-table and information on International construction exhibitions etc.
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Power tools and equipment KOLNER brand.
Wholesale deliveries of power tools, machines, garden equipment, welding equipment, compressors, pumps, high pressure washers, air heaters, generators, measuring equipment.
Industrial weekly
Industrial Weekly has been in circulation since 2002 and has become a multi-purpose inter-industry platform for Russian industrialists and government representatives. It is circulated all over Russia. The aim of the edition is to present most promising projects and potentials of the Russian industry and energy sector in the national and international markets. Extends across all Russia. Subscription index: П7282 through the website of the «Russian Post»
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Manufacturer and distributor of lawn and construction equipment and components.
The city of masters
Mastergrad.com is one of the largest community of professionals in the field of construction, renovation and DIY.
Company "Mavi" is a reliable supplier of garden and construction equipment of high quality. We have a wide range of wheelbarrows, wheels, shovels, cement mixers, canisters, and other construction equipment. We ship goods in bulk to all regions of the country. Cooperate with reliable and well-known logistics companies.Also an important advantage of our company that our entire range of products are always in stock. So our customers can be assured of timely and uninterrupted supply of equipment at any time of the year
The company "MD-star" works in the market of diamond tools and saw blades for over 15 years. During the work we found the best way to provide our customers with quality tool for both domestic and professional use is to create its own brand "MD STARS", personally responsible for the quality of the delivered goods. Every year we grow and develop, increasing the range of products based on market trends and not saving on quality. At the moment TM "MD STARS" on the market the following products
Wholesale of powertools, woodworking machine tools, air compressors and accessories of the trade mark metabo. Guarantee and aftersales service, sale of spare parts.
The All-Russia information-analytical edition.
Powder actuated tools, gas concrete nailers, concrete nails, cartridges, fuel cells, spare parts and accessories. Autofeed screwdrivers and collated screws.
Torgovo-proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya "Intention" is one of the few domestic manufacturers of paint tools, a long time leader in quality rollers and rollers, manufactured in Russia. Based in Novosibirsk, Russia 25 April 1995.
"OptPromTorg" represents a group of companies united under the brands "Energoprom", "Aquaprom", "Techprom" and "Lira". "OptPromTorg" have been placing orders to European and Russian factories in the areas of affordable and high-quality products for 19 years.
Brand Pit has been developing over 20 years in European countries, CIS and now expands to other countries. The Tubro-tuls company deals with wholesale supply of electric and gas tools, rigs and spare parts in Russia.
PROVIDERS OF MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT- media-project №1 on the market of equipment and engineering industry. The project consists of 3 divisions: - INTERNET PORTAL www.oborudunion.ru - the largest Internet portal for the sale of industrial equipment and engineering products. - A PRINTED CATALOG is the only print directory for the engineering industry. Provides detailed information of leading companies operating on the Russian market. - VIDEO offers presentation videos of companies operating on the Russian market of the equipment
Producer and supplier of welding equipment
Production of gas-flame and electric welding equipment. Implementation of spare parts, portable stations, protective equipment, welding masks, accessories and related products.
Elektromir is one of the world's leading companies in the market of electrical tools and accessories, as well as decorative lighting. Since its launch, in 1996, the "Elektromir" has specialized in electrical and lighting products production and its supply. Since then the company has become one of the leaders in the market of cable products, electrical tools and accessories, decorative and professional lighting. Today we combine 2 main functions - manufacture and delivery of cable-explorer and led products
A distributor and dealer of control and measurement instrumentation, calibration tools and land surveying equipment since 2005.
Company "Lynx" offers an extensive range in the following types of products:- gasoline - tools - snow-machines - chainsaws for domestic consumption.
Brand STAVR includes different power tools and machines such as angle grinders, drills, saws, grass trimmers, water pumps and so on. We have been producing our goods from 2008. Every year we try to show new models and improve all our assortment according to consumer's wishes.
The company strong Tool – the largest industrial enterprise specializing in the manufacture and wholesale distribution of diamond, hand tool and consumable. The company was founded in 2002 by a group of enthusiasts who sought to develop and improve production, to expand assortment, to master new technologies and equipment. Today we are the largest supplier in the territory of the Russian Federation, and provide the wholesale customers a wide range of products
The industrial magazine “TECHSOVET premium” - specialists for specialists covers technologies, equipment,materials and services applicable to various industries. It’s mission is to help companies in their search for business partners. Full-color monthly magazine. 15 years on the market Circulation: 12 000 copies, volume of 48-110 pages. It tells about technologies, machines and equipment, materials, services of industrial services. The problems are considered in terms of novelty, relevance and efficiency
The company "Kabel RF" is not only the leading expert in the cable industry, but also one of the top distributors of cable and electrical products in the Russia market. There are more than 100,000 items in our business directory that allow the clients to make the right decision. Kabel RF distributes cable products from warehouses located on the territory of Russia. When you order our products, we will provide all the nessesary certificates and documents about the product`s quality
TIGER Abrasive
Быстрый, Острый, Надежный.
The company "SG Group" is a manufacturer of abrasive materials under the trademark "TIGER Abrasive".
Wholesale-retail tool company. Since 1993 on the market, with headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod and its own logistics complex with an area of 10000 m2. More than 50 of its own stores under the brand TMK and more than 50 franchised. Are comprehensive wholesale supplier with efficient logistics and the geography of deliveries throughout Russia. Distribution-known Western brands Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Husqvarna, Karcher, Briggs
Trio-Diamond - it is: High-quality diamond tools Attention to the needs and wishes of the Client Affordable prices and discount system The quality and speed of order execution Focusing on long-term relationships
Main TUSCAR direction is production of accessories for garden equipment. Having attentively studied technologies of yesterday, we create modern production today and make quality more available! Constant control of quality on production and carrying out a set of tests, is allow us to declare with confidence that production of TUSCAR conforms to the highest quality standards can stand at the level of with the famous producers!
Sales-production Company “UralBenzoTekh” is producer and whosaler of gasoline and electric tools, motoblocks and tillers of our own trade mark “FORZA” with full set of equipment to them, engines to tillers and motoblocks; completing and spare parts, power machines, agriculture tools.
Wholesale trade of garden machinery, construction equipment and power equipment.Brands Champion and ECHO.
The best equipment and tools from the worldwide leaders
The best equipment and tools from the worldwide leaders: compressors, pneumotool, welding machines, starters and chargers, mobile power stations, water pumps, stone cutting machines, electric tools. Warranty and service repair. Training of specialists, joint promotions and diverse support of trading partners. Helpline in Russia: +7 495 797-26-26
Your tools - Your skills!
VOYAGE company group - the leading Russian supplier of tools and auto accessories. AV Steel is a dynamically developing brand, which includes a number of product lines designed for plumbing, assembly or repair works. AV Steel tool meets all the requirements of GOST and is manufactured in accordance with the international standards DIN and ISO. For quite a long time AV Steel brand managed to achieve high results and victories - from the production of the main product groups of hand tools and kits to special and pneumatic tools
WELD - Professional welding tool
The company "WELD" was created in 2007, after which with each year has continued and continues to evolve. The company "WELD" is a manufacturer of products, trademarks, WELD.
LTD "Winzor-Bel" specializes in the supply of trimmers, chainsaws, as well as spare parts and accessories for gardening equipment under the trademark Winzor.
Distributor of world famous brands such as Fiskars (Finland),DeWALT(USA).Our brands :WIPRO (Russia),Shrew (Russia).
ALMEGA publishes business magazine FULCRUM. The major thematic issues of which are dedicated to the questions of power engineering, oil and gas complex, construction industry, security, housing and communal services and others. The magazine informs about industry’s important events, new production, innovations, contains reviews, feature-stories, interviews. It is distributed by the means of subscription, direct mail and at the biggest exhibitions and shows of Moscow